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Retention and Up skilling

According to NDS Disability Workforce Resources, 1 in 5 jobs in Australia over the NDIS transition period will be a disability care role (NDS Disability Workforce Resources, 2020). Over42% of these workers will be casual with a projected 35%turnover rate p.a. (Watson and Alcorso, 2018).

Worker retention is imperative to limit administrative and training burdens. SWH aims to up skill and engage support workers so they feel valued and supported, limiting this turnover rate and creating a dedicated and knowledgeable workforce.


Innovative Learning

SWH has a plan to truly engage support workers in their learning.

Support workers will be provided with an online toolkit so they can take control of their learning. This method of training delivery will minimise time workers are away from their clients and will actively involve them in their own education.

A 70:20:10 Strategy to Support Workers learning

Our Strategy is based upon an apprenticeship model of learning. We believe that 70 per cent of workplace learning happens on the job, 20 per cent through coaching and mentoring, and 10 per cent through formal learning.

Formal training in the form of Mandatory. It is providing yearly updated knowledge so staff have most current knowledge and skills to give best care to clients.

Our ongoing commitment to support workers through feedback and coaching sessions, helps solidify the formal knowledge in their real-world experience.

We see ourselves as an extension of your brand by providing formal training and coaching in line with your values and mission.