Let us introduce ourselves

Our Vision

Support Worker Hub strives to close educational gaps in support workers’ skills to improve safety, compliance, and ethics for service providers. We believe that by investing in your support worker’s education you give them the tools to give care and support of the highest industry standard.

Through our work using best practice researched models of care. We create competent and capable support workers who are able to care autonomously in the home with the knowledge to safely intervene in any situation.

With quality education comes the ability to save lives, improve the standard of care and increase staff retention, saving service providers thousands of dollars per annum and creating the safest environment for support workers and their clients.

A 70:20:10 Strategy to Support Workers learning

Our training is designed from our vulnerable client’s perspective to ensure safe, compliant, ethical care is given.

Our Strategy is based upon an apprenticeship model of learning. We believe that 70 percent of workplace learning happens on the job, 20 percent through coaching and mentoring, and 10 percent through formal learning.

Formal training in the form of Mandatory. It is providing yearly updated knowledge so staff has the most current knowledge and skills to give the best care to clients.

Our ongoing commitment to support workers through feedback and coaching sessions helps solidify the formal knowledge in their real-world experience.

We see ourselves as an extension of your brand by providing formal training and coaching in line with your values and mission.

Our Team

Phill Tsingos

Phill is a clinical nurse with over 28 years’ experience. He has been working for more than 8 years in the disability NDIS community. He has a postgraduate certificate in critical care and a Bachelor of Nursing in Health Science. Phill Tsingos brings an unparalleled understanding of care to the SWH team. He is deeply passionate about the NDIS and their client’s ability to find meaning in their life.


Amy Archbell

Organisational Whizz
Amy is operations manager for Support worker Hub. Amy has experience in being a student resource officer at university. She has a unique insight into top quality education. Education is researched based best practice education. Amy is dedicated to ensuring service providers have a smooth and well managed training experience.